Half of All American Consumers Visits McDonald’s Each Month

McDonald’s in the last decade has counter acted against special interest group attacks and minimum wage increases. They did this while embracing costumer trends in taste and technology. Continue reading →


How One Billionaire NBA Sports Owner Is Taking Tax Dollars From Poor Cities

I love professional sports, but their financial dealings are getting unethical and starting to really hurt taxpayers. Continue reading →

Detailed Breakdown of President Trump’s Tax Plan

Here’s a look at President Trump’s proposed tax plan from earlier today. Continue reading →


Dow Jones in 1987

Today, the Dow Jones is over 21,000 points. 30 years ago it was much lower….way lower. Continue reading →


18 Predictions Environmentalists Said Would Happen And Were Completely Wrong

One of the most glaring black marks on the environmental movement is how completely wrong they are about 100% of the time. Continue reading →


Indiana Ranked Second In New Economic Report

Widely regarded economic report has the Hoosier state highly regarded. Continue reading →


Is Cancer Unavoidable?

Tough topic to ponder, but something to acknowledge when parts of the medical field states it might be.  Continue reading →