Hunters & Fisherman Are Biggest Revenue Source For Indiana State Parks

The next time you enjoy one of the fine State of Indiana parks, thank a hunter or fisherman. Continue reading →


18 Predictions Environmentalists Said Would Happen And Were Completely Wrong

One of the most glaring black marks on the environmental movement is how completely wrong they are about 100% of the time. Continue reading →

Illegal Immigrants Cause About 40% of Wildfires on Southern Border

Few days ago, a report was publicized showing that 84% of all wildfires in America were caused by humans. Continue reading →

Example of How Moronic the Paris Agreement On Climate Change Is

When the Paris Agreement was signed by many nations last year, it was celebrated as some magic bullet to fix the earth of global warming. Now, after looking into the details, it’s an unmanageable boondoggle of failed philosophy.  Continue reading →

Big Oil Helping Develop Next Energy Market


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I saw this post on Twitter yesterday…

Checked out the article and was completely fascinated

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