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Indiana State Police Issue Over 7,000 Tickets/Warnings First Six Months Of Driving With Cellphone Ban

In July 2020, Indiana passed a law banning driving while using a cellphone. Now stats are out detailing interaction Indiana State Police had with drivers.

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Illinois Governor Pritzker Using Federal COVID Relief For Business To Cover State Spending

Illinois heading into the manmade COVID pandemic economic restrictions with a massive budget deficit/debt even during a good economy.

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Barack and Michelle Obama Adding A Third Mansion To Their Property Collection

After multiple decades of fighting against America’s oppressive financial system through government and activist jobs, the Obama’s have been gobbling up mansions with their new found wealth post Obama presidency.

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Person of the Year: Salon Owner Shelley Luther, Who Was Arrested For Opening Her Business During COVID Restrictions

Talk is cheap. There are a lot of people who take on the tough guy role in life via social media. They’ll put their job or education titles up as credentials in order to be a bad ass.

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What “Science” Has Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett Been Following For Schools To Re-open?

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has an easy job these days. The second term Democrat politician is shielded by virtual meetings and a media industrial complex that never challenges anything he says or does.

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Unsustainable: Indiana Medicaid Program Taking On Half Billion Dollars in New Spending

The Indiana Medicaid program, via Obamacare and expanded under former Governor Pence, is heralded as “efficient”. Financially, it is a ticking time bomb for Hoosier taxpayers.

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