Prince Music Catalog Licensing Deal Worth $30 Million 

As we approach the one year anniversary of music singer Prince’s death, news is rolling out his estate has sold his music rights. A licensing deal was struck in February and looks to be a 2018 takeover of his music. This would then lead to his music finally being heard on internet music channels and places like YouTube.

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In February, Universal Music Group announced a deal to take over the licensing for Prince’s post-1996 — read: post-Warner Music Group — recordings and unreleased works, adding that beginning in 2018 it will begin to obtain the rights to “certain renowned albums” from Prince’s 1978-1996 WMG era.
But in recent days, Universal Music Group has reportedly expressed a growing displeasure with the deal, rumored to have been worth $30 million, amid claims that representatives from the estate had misrepresented what was available, and when, according to sources.


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