Illegal immigrants have received billions from IRS fraudulently

IRS is a big supporter of illegal immigrants so much so, they hand them millions each year in unaudited tax credits. Continue reading →

Why Indiana tax abatements for business are worthless

The U.S. tax code either federal or state needs a major restructure. Continue reading →

Another Example Why U.S. Tax Code Needs Destroyed


Bill Cobb, CEO of H&R Block recently came out in support of Donald Trump wanting to simplify the U.S. tax code.

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Obamacare Total Page Count on IRS Website


Researchers at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation did a study on lost productivity in America due to our tax code. Washington Times published an article on it entitled “U.S. economy out $233.8 billion due to ‘lost productivity’ as Americans wrestle with taxes: Study”

An interesting number was in the study concerning the amount of pages Obamacare takes up on the IRS website:

the researchers also found a “staggering” 3,322 pages of legal guidance for the Affordable Care Act at the IRS website. The content includes regulations, Treasury decisions, assorted notices, revenue procedures, and revenue rulings.

As far as the study of our tax code, here are some sad numbers:

The study also notes that the estimated length of the Tax Code itself is about 4 million words. The study grimly recalls that the Form 1040 instructions were once just two pages long. “Today, taxpayers must wade through 209 pages of instructions, quadruple the number in 1985, the year before taxes were simplified,” it states.