Half of All American Consumers Visits McDonald’s Each Month

McDonald’s in the last decade has counter acted against special interest group attacks and minimum wage increases. They did this while embracing costumer trends in taste and technology. It’s paying off big for the corporate fast food giant.

247wallstreet.com had this snippet of business information showing the power McDonald’s has:

Nearly half of American consumers visit McDonald’s in a given month, making the fast food chain the most visited restaurant in the United States and the second most popular store in the country. Nationwide sales at the burger chain have declined in recent years, falling from $27.4 billion in 2014 to $25.4 billion in 2015. While foot traffic may have declined at the same time, McDonald’s rank has not changed for several years. McDonald’s spends more on advertising than any other store on this list and more than all but three other U.S. companies. The fast food chain’s advertising budget was $935.1 million in 2014, down 4.2% from 2013, when the company spent $975.7 million.

Financial guru Clark Howard also posted the fast food giant is not just turning to kiosks, but table side service.

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