Consumers Are Eating 20% More Meat And Chicken

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College Student Loan Debt Hits $1.31 Trillion

The coming meltdown of colleges and universities financially will not be pretty.

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Parkland Florida Shooting: Time To Start Arresting The Mentally Ill

Hours after the slaughter of kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, information on the murder suspect

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Picture Of Parkland Florida High School Shooter As He Was Arrested

Police have an up close photo of gunman Nikolaus Cruz as they arrested him.

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Illegal Immigrant “Sanctuary Cities” A Potential Threat To National Security And Here’s Why

Media and citizens who back their cities embrace illegel immigrants and not working with ICE have no idea they are playing “Russian Roulette” in their own communities. Continue reading →

Will President Trump’s Corporate Tax Cuts Spur Business Growth?

An obscure case study on corporate tax “increases” may be showing the cuts will produce a big expansion in business.

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