State of Indiana Pension Debt Getting Worse

Several accounting changes have taken place in the last few years for states to show more transparency in how they report their pension debt. Continue reading →


DEA Report: Mexican Drug Cartels Big Threat To Indiana

Opioid abuse is big in the news, but Hoosiers are facing a major threat from Mexican drug cartels. Continue reading →

Bad News: Indiana Will Start Using Medicaid Money To Treat Heroin Addiction

Medicaid was designed to help the poor who truly needed it, now it’s turning into a slush fund for non essentials. Continue reading →


Chicago’s “Tax Everything” Philosophy Is Great Business For Indiana

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got his job riding the coattails of the Obama popularity train. Now after several years of being Mayor and implementing the economic philosophy of progressivism, Indiana reaps the rewards. Continue reading →


Indiana Ranks 16th Nationally Overall In Fiscal Condition 

The State of Indiana Ranks pretty well in new findings from an intense study of state finances. Continue reading →


Indiana Ranked Second In New Economic Report

Widely regarded economic report has the Hoosier state highly regarded. Continue reading →


Cigarette Prices At-A-Glance: Chicago vs. Indiana 

Indiana lawmakers are now debating what kind of tax increase on cigarettes they want. Continue reading →