Indiana Law Already Allows School Districts To Arm Teachers

The State of Indiana passed legislation in 2013 allowing school districts to arm their teachers and staff with firearms. Continue reading →


Amish Horse Buggies Causing Damage To Indiana Roads

While Indiana cities face major potholes from winter, some counties are facing damage from horses the Amish use on their roads. Continue reading →

Purdue President Mitch Daniels Takes A Jab At Students Inflated Self Esteems

Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who is now the President of Purdue University, released his annual letter to the university. He didn’t hold back. Continue reading →


West Lafayette School District Voted Best School District In Indiana

The college town school district snags top ranking according to Continue reading →


State of Kentucky Government Worker 401k Retirement Proposal May Be Vision For Other States

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is proposing a 401k retirement plan to move state workers off their broken pension system. Continue reading →


State of Indiana Pension Debt Getting Worse

Several accounting changes have taken place in the last few years for states to show more transparency in how they report their pension debt. Continue reading →


MAP: Ireland Is Indiana’s Biggest Import Trading Partner

Just what exactly is the Hoosier State importing from Ireland? Continue reading →