State Of Indiana Unfunded Pension Debt Continues Rise While State Legislators Ignore

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Report: Social Security Faces Possible Cuts in 2019

While going through the 2016 Annual Report for Social Security and Medicare, I stumbled across the main theme Continue reading →

Local & State Pensions About to Change


In 2012 an accounting rule was implemented by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. The board told local and state municipalities

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Indiana Ranked 16th on Fiscal Solvency


Via USA Today

The Mercatus Center, a public policy research group, ranked the 50 states based on how well each state government planned spending in fiscal 2013 — the most recent year for which data was available — as well as their future financial prospects. from annual budgeting to cash to pay bills, to funding for pensions and long-term plans.

Pennsylvania Pension Plans Are In Trouble


With a so called “booming” stock market states pension systems are still getting worse. Decades of shady accounting practices and too many promises have made pensions almost broke.

In Pennsylvania there is talk of pension reform after one startling find recently. Here is more from

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale warned Friday that the growing collective municipal pension debt in the commonwealth, if allowed to worsen, will become a problem for every Pennsylvanian.

“We found 46 percent of the municipal pension plans in Pennsylvania … are in some level of distress,” DePasquale said. “Certainly the bigger dollar amounts are in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. … Scranton is very bad.”