State of Kentucky Government Worker 401k Retirement Proposal May Be Vision For Other States

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is proposing a 401k retirement plan to move state workers off their broken pension system. Continue reading →

Indiana Top State For Retirees Money To Last In Retirement

Looking for for a state to settle down in retirement and not have to worry about your nest egg dwindling very fast? Come on over to the Hoosier state. Continue reading →

Indiana Public School Teachers Need To Worry About Their Pension Fund and Not Politics

Every time I turn on social media or browse news sites, I see Indiana school teachers posting something against President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. Continue reading →

Government wants to try Social Security 2.0

If you ever want to see what generational political differences Baby Boomers have with my generation (Gen X) and others behind me, bring up Social Security.

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What Peyton Manning Will Do in Retirement

Peyton Manning just secured another Super Bowl ring. His performance on Sunday also showed his body is done physically and all signs point to retirement.

So what will Peyton do?

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Are Indiana Schools Ready for This Major Rule Change?


Some Indiana school districts maybe springing a financial surprise on their taxpayers once this national rule

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Local & State Pensions About to Change


In 2012 an accounting rule was implemented by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. The board told local and state municipalities

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