Government Sponsored Gun Buyback Programs Illegal In Indiana

Indiana legislature passed a law in 2014 that barred such activities.

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Indiana Owed $500 Million In Back Taxes


The State of Indiana has started another round of tax amnesty for people/businesses who owe back taxes. Continue reading →

Indiana Ranked 16th on Fiscal Solvency


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The Mercatus Center, a public policy research group, ranked the 50 states based on how well each state government planned spending in fiscal 2013 — the most recent year for which data was available — as well as their future financial prospects. from annual budgeting to cash to pay bills, to funding for pensions and long-term plans.

Did Indiana Just Become a Medical Tourism Destination?

pence right to try
On March 24th, Governor Mike Pence signed into law the ‘Right To Try’ Legislation. Here is snapshot of what the law entails from WFYI:

    Terminally ill patients in Indiana can now use experimental drugs that have not received final FDA approval. Gov. Mike Pence signed so called “Right to Try” legislation into law Tuesday.

    The “Right to Try” law allows terminally ill patients to use medications that have gone through the first of the FDA’s three-step approval process. picked up on the story and threw out some concerns of the FDA possibly stepping in and complicating the legislation:

    Indiana’s legislature and Governor Mike Pence have tried to bridge the gap by passing a “Right to Try” law that allows patients to make the choice on experimental medication, and which protects manufacturers from liability if the results go poorly. The question raises ethical questions about where the line between mercy and human experimentation may be crossed, but CBS’ Chicago affiliate raises the question about whether this crosses a bureaucratic line with the FDA first.

I am strongly in favor of this legislation and hope Indiana tells the FDA to back off. If I’m terminally ill I should be able to have the decision in choosing treatment that is experimental. I support the legislation shielding drug companies from liability as well. In the field of medicine this can be beneficial in helping drug developers in researching the drugs to better the product down the road if it doesn’t workout in testing on people.

Lets hope this is the step in the right direction of medicine opening up to more freedom for patients and those who want to help them.