U.S. Postal Prices in the 1860’s

Visited a historical settlement site today and found this economic posting for the post office.


U.S. Heroin Users Drive Afghanistan’s Downfall

afghanistan heroin

Running this blog and my career choice, I’ve gained numerous law enforcement sources who I value in obtaining up to the minute information with what is happening on the ground. Continue reading →

United States Top Imported Beer for 2015

Statista, which is a paid site for economic data, showed a graph of top leading imported beers. You can get the full list here. But I’m just posting the “Top Five”. All numbers are in “Millions of U.S. Dollars”.

Stats Show Violent Criminals Going Unpunished


Two articles caught my eye recently and provided some interesting content pertaining to law enforcement dealing with violent crime
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Explosion of College Text Book Prices

Economist Mark J. Perry has a new chart out showing overall inflation, especially in college textbooks.

Chart: Why Cable Television is About To Change….Dramatically

Via Wall Street Journal (full article here) –

TV viewership is dropping across all age demographics, of course, as cord-cutting and cord-shaving pick up, and online video grows in popularity.

And younger people have always watched less TV than older groups — that’s why advertisers generally pay a premium to reach them.

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The Problem With Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposal on Short-Term Investments

Photo courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo courtesy of http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Last night I saw someone post this article “Hillary Clinton Wants To Increase Taxes on Short-Term Investments”. Continue reading →