U.S. Heroin Users Drive Afghanistan’s Downfall

afghanistan heroin

Running this blog and my career choice, I’ve gained numerous law enforcement sources who I value in obtaining up to the minute information with what is happening on the ground. Heroin and opiate use in America is rampant and poses several problems for law enforcement in towns that has never had to deal with the drug.

Afghanistan, which is the worlds leading supplier of opium(used to make heroin) and supplies American heroin users via Mexico, has a high drug addiction rate which makes their society very inept. Sharyl Attikisson covered one aspect of Afghanistan’s society and their opium production:

According to the Inspector General report, “opioids are the most popular drugs in Afghanistan, with higher usage in rural areas than urban centers…cannabis was used in 11% of households and 3% of the population. However, the major findings were that 31% of households, more than 10% of people and approximately 9%of children surveyed tested positive for one or more drugs.”

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