Men Still Working Longer Daily Then Women posted a breakdown titled “Daily Activity Statistics“. Good read on various activities done by men and women. I suggest a look at it by clicking the title above.

Here’s one pertaining to work:




Where the Federal Government Gets Tax Revenue From

Via Peter G. Peterson Foundation


The federal government collects revenue from a variety of sources. The largest source is taxes on individuals’ income and payroll taxes, which together make up four-fifths of federal revenue. Individual income taxes are assessed against wage income and are progressive: that is, the tax rate someone pays increases as their income increases. Payroll taxes are a flat percentage of wage income. They are used to fund Social Security and portions of Medicare. Taxes on corporate profits, estate and gift taxes, excise taxes (a tax levied on a good or service), customs duties, and numerous other taxes comprise the remainder.

Illinois Is An Example of What is Coming For Many States

For the last few years, many in the economic world have been cynical¬†of states like Illinois, California and others for how bad their government books are when it comes to finances. Continue reading →

POLL: How Much Do You or Your Family Spend Monthly on Groceries?

I am conducting a very broad snapshot of what consumers are spending for groceries on a monthly basis. I appreciate your answer in helping me collect data and compare it to past data. I will write on the results in a future post. Thanks in advance for your help on this.

Don’t Mess With Michael Jordan’s Trademark


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Last week I wrote about how the Woodstock Festival music bands were not business minded. This post is to show you how you protect your financial interests and brand legally via Michael Jordan

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