2015 Most Popular Fast Food Chains



While satisfaction with the restaurant industry has waned, the survey found Americans Continue reading →


For Sale: NFL Football Players


Got some cash laying around to invest in? Maybe take a look at buying a piece of an NFL football player because they’re for sale. Continue reading →

Do Police Officers Want Gun Control Laws?


Politicians and gun control opponents get a lot of media time laying out their case for stricter access or outright confiscation of firearms in America. Continue reading →

Marijuana Addicts Costing Taxpayers


Via The Washington Times –

The National Institutes of Health is dedicating $3 million to fast-track the development of drugs to treat marijuana addiction — an estimated 4.2 million Americans are hooked on cannabis — even as the president encourages its legalization and more states look to enact laws for its recreational use. Continue reading →

Obamacare Sets Sights on Police and Teachers


“Money has no feelings” – Thomas Sowell

Today the Supreme Court ruled on another case pertaining to Obamacare. Continue reading →

Does the U.S. Spend More on Prisons Than Education?


Numerous times I’ve heard people state America spends more on prisons than schools. Pretty damning

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