The Problem With Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposal on Short-Term Investments

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Last night I saw someone post this article “Hillary Clinton Wants To Increase Taxes on Short-Term Investments”. Click on the title for the full article but here is a quick snippet:

Clinton’s proposal would increase taxes on investments held for slightly longer than a year on a sliding scale. It would, for example, tax top earners’ investments sold after two to three years at a rate to be determined that would be higher than 28 percent, and taper off gradually the longer an investment is held.

The goal would be to encourage corporations to focus on long-term investment, rather than respond to quarterly pressure for returns from activist shareholders, the Clinton campaign said.

Hillary Clinton has a base to appease which lives by the religion of “Higher Taxes”. She probably has no grasp of investing in companies so she is just faking on knowing about “long term investing”. What makes this proposal hypocritical is the U.S. government engages in short-term trading of their debt bought by investors through U.S. Treasury Bonds(3 Month, 6 Month & One Year).

Even if she becomes President, The House and Senate will be controlled by Republicans. This tax proposal will go nowhere.

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