4th of July: How many Americans will barbecue? 

Americans will celebrate America this coming weekend. Most will get the grill going and cook some meat. What percent do this over 4th of July weekend?

Among those surveyed, 65 percent plan to attend a cookout/barbecue/picnic while 43 percent will watch fireworks or join another community celebration and 12 percent will attend a parade.

Information via National Retail Federation 

United States Top Imported Beer for 2015

Statista, which is a paid site for economic data, showed a graph of top leading imported beers. You can get the full list here. But I’m just posting the “Top Five”. All numbers are in “Millions of U.S. Dollars”.

Beer Brewery Bubble is Forming

Photo courtesy of northwoodsleague.com

Photo courtesy of northwoodsleague.com

I’m not a IPA beer drinker. I drink Miller Lite and that’s about it. With that being said, consumers are drinking up several different brands of beer made locally where they Continue reading →