Prisons Now Offering Dog Boarding And Grooming

Before you head out for that next vacation, you may be stopping at the maximum security prison to drop off the family dog for boarding. Continue reading →

How You Can End Up In Jail Under Obamacare

While former President Obama preached criminal justice reform, his legislation did the exact opposite.

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Immigrants In U.S. Prisons Responsible For Over 25,000 Homicides 

2011 Government Accountability Office found a disturbing stat inside American prisons.

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U.S. Government To Deport Over 20,000 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners

Department of Justice is about to purge the Federal Bureau of Prisons of illegal immigrant inmates and save taxpayers money. Continue reading →

It’s likely President Obama will release terrorist “The Blind Sheikh”

On October 12, 2000 the USS Cole was attacked by Al-Qaeda. The terrorist group considered it a successful
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