Indiana Women Getting Gun Licenses Has Increased 240% Since 2012

One of the biggest jumps in gun ownership is women.

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How does a bullet work?

Here’s a short ten second film of how a bullet works inside of a firearm. Continue reading →

FBI’s background check for gun purchases has 99.8% accuracy rate

The U.S. Department of Justice just released how accurate the background check is for firearm dealers to use when people try to buy firearms.┬á Continue reading →

Indianapolis Star holds a gun debate & no one knew about it

This past Thursday, the Indianapolis Star newspaper finally held their much-anticipated “debate” they wanted on guns. Only problem is they didn’t promote it. That’s┬ábecause they didn’t want gun owners there. Continue reading →

CDC to Obama: citizens carrying guns a crime deterrent

When the gun control advocates came out in force this past week after the Orlando massacre
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