GRAPH: Consumer Price Changes From 1997-2017

Economist Mark Perry has updated his famous inflation/deflation prices graph.

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Do college graduation rates show “white privilege”?

As American society increasingly continues to decline intellectually on societal issues, Continue reading →

College financial debt implosion is coming

Last week Jamie Dimon gave a speech indicating some perspective on college student loan debt.
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Graph: Insane College Tuition Inflation


Photo via Carpe Diem Blog


Inflation Alert: Notre Dame Tuition


Univeristy of Notre Dame is raising their tuition again. Get ready to pay according to the Indianapolis Star:

The University of Notre Dame is raising undergraduate tuition by 3.7 percent to $47,929 next school year.

The university says with average room and board rates of $13,846, the annual cost of attending Notre Dame will be $61,775.

The school said the 3.7 percentage increase in tuition and fees is the lowest at Notre Dame since there was no increase in 1960. Tuition had increased 3.8 percent for three straight years.

For the “there is no inflation” crowd, in just the last four years tuition has now increased 15.1%.