The Coming Tax Hike Bomb State Governments Will Need To Implement

State governments are now facing serious upcoming spending deficits from the expansion of Medicaid via Obamacare. Continue reading →

State Budgets Are Starting To Face Deficits Due To Obamacare

Obamacare delivered the trojan horse of a debt bomb when it was implemented. Now state legislators are left to deal with actual budget consequences from expanded medicaid.

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Half of the State of Ohio’s Budget Goes To Medicaid

Medicaid expansion via Obamacare is eating up revenue in Ohio’s budget. Now Governor Kasich, who at one time called himself a “conservative”,

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Medicaid starting to eat up State of Indiana budget

When public school teachers complain to me about politicians/education spending, I tell them their real problem is medicaid patients. Continue reading →

Economic gamble: States not paying into pensions

States are running phony budgets.

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Medicaid Will Eat Up State Budgets in Near Future


Obamacare for all intensive purposes is a gateway to universal healthcare via medicaid. When the ACA passed in 2010 it set up a medicaid program where the feds matched dollar for dollar states medicaid expansion. Here is a detailed explanation from the Chicago Tribune of an example in Illinois where estimated costs have ballooned from $500 Million to $2 Billion:

    Starting in 2017, Illinois and other states that also expanded their programs are required to start paying a small portion of the bill, rising to no more than 10 percent of the total tab. State health officials estimated in 2012 that Illinois’ portion of the expansion would cost $573 million from 2017 through 2020.

    Original projections anticipated that 199,000 residents would sign up in 2014, potentially rising to no more than 342,000. State officials estimated a monthly, per person cost of $454, and revised that number upward to $882 in the document sent to in June to federal officials.

    But through December, 540,877 joined Medicaid’s ranks. State officials said thousands more likely signed up through January.

Nationally, medicaid has exploded via Obamacare (9.7 million new enrollees) which means long term federal costs for ALL taxpayers.