Indiana Top State For Retirees Money To Last In Retirement

Looking for for a state to settle down in retirement and not have to worry about your nest egg dwindling very fast? Come on over to the Hoosier state.

In a recent listing showing how far $1 Million will last you in retirement, Indiana ranked basically in the top 3. States who ranked 1 – 10 only had a few month separating them. Even if you don’t have $1 Million in retirement, this is still a good assessment for how long your dollars will last.

Here’s Indiana’s write up via

If you retire in Indiana, you can enjoy costs across all categories that are lower than the national average. Groceries cost $3,235 annually. Transportation costs will run you $6,380. At $5,324 a year, healthcare is relatively cheap. The real savings, however, come from housing costs, which average just $12,082 a year.


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