What Peyton Manning Will Do in Retirement

Peyton Manning just secured another Super Bowl ring. His performance on Sunday also showed his body is done physically and all signs point to retirement.

So what will Peyton do?

Peyton has set up long term business ventures which will help him financially down the road. His annual endorsements are speculated to be around $12 Million a year. He would also be a commodity on the speakers circuit and command nice fees.

Will he coach or become a tv football commentator? Probably not and here’s why.

First, he will settle down in one area for his kids. He was raised in New Orleans while his dad was a business man, so he probably will do the same with his.

His wife , Ashley Manning, made an investment in 2012 that probably laid the groundwork of them heading back to Tennessee. She became a minority owner in the NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies.

Which leads to a development happening just 200 miles down the road. The disarray of the Tennessee Titans since Bud Adams passed in 2013. His daughter Amy is running the team and hasn’t been the best owner. The NFL has been pressing her to get the paperwork together showing management structure. Many in Tennessee have been working behind the scenes to get Peyton to not only become a major financial stakeholder in the Titans, but also be the public face for them.

Is this going to happen right away? Who knows and only time will tell. I just don’t see Manning traveling on the weekends to call games in Buffalo or Cleveland for some network. He may visit a studio from time to time, but that is about it.

Running an investment like an NFL team would be the challenge he would want to take on.

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