Bad News: Indiana Will Start Using Medicaid Money To Treat Heroin Addiction

Medicaid was designed to help the poor who truly needed it, now it’s turning into a slush fund for non essentials. Before an onslaught of comments come in saying I’m mean for speaking out against this, sorry, I just deal with reality. The reality is when government controls healthcare, they pick winners and losers. Shifting money to heroin users takes away money that could be used for the windowed or orphaned. Just that simple. Add on top, majority of heroin users DO NOT stay sober.

Indiana’s Medicaid will soon cover methadone treatment for people suffering from opioid addiction. That could mean more people seeking treatment, and savings for people already receiving it.

Methadone is one of a few FDA-approved medications for treating opioid addiction. There are now 14 methadone clinics in the state. But for poor people who need addiction treatment, costs were a barrier to getting methadone because Medicaid didn’t cover the treatment.

The Family and Social Services Administration, which administers Medicaid in Indiana, finalized details about the coverage on Friday. Indiana initially announced that coverage would begin August 1. Clinics will now be able to bill Medicaid for bundled treatment services starting September 1. The state also announced the addition of five new methadone clinics, bringing the total to 19 when they become operational next year. 

Read the rest here via WBAA


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