Environmental Scam: How The Paris Accord And EPA Rely On America’s Forest For Energy

The Paris Climate Agreement and EPA rules on “biomass” are a scam in how it gauges the cuts nations need to be “carbon neutral” and it has a direct impact on America’s forests. Continue reading →

Example of Why the EPA Needs Put Out of Its Misery

I’ve always been a proponent of states handling their own EPA issues Continue reading →

The $16 Million Pond


Pic via The New York Times

The United States EPA is putting it’s regulatory tentacles into everything that deals with land anymore. In a perfect government world, EPA issues would be left to the states since all the states overall have different needs due to their geographical make up.

The case below(Via New York Times) is a perfect example of the States and Feds clashing:

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Another “Green Industry” Failure


My problem with the environmental movement isn’t really one of theory but how much of a con game it is

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