Big Oil Helping Develop Next Energy Market


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I saw this post on Twitter yesterday…

Checked out the article and was completely fascinated

with the potential of how fast our energy sources could change within the next 15-20 years. This idea caught Shell Oil’s attention and they gave $1 Million to Mark Russell for further research.

Here is the whole article from, but will post some highlights:

Russell is drilling deeper than ever before in pursuit of fossil fuels. That’s because his company, HyperSciences, is funded through Shell’s GameChanger program. HyperSciences’ product is a high-velocity projectile that Russell hopes will one day help access geothermal energy, a clean, renewable energy source that eventually could replace the oil and gas he’s currently seeking.

Hypersciences is focused on developing the drilling technology, which could be licensed to key suppliers or used directly by HyperSciences to produce geothermal energy. Russell said you must dig 5 kilometers (roughly 3 miles) into the earth to do so. At that depth, rocks are hot enough without being radioactive. To transfer the energy, you use water to bring steam to the earth’s surface. From there, a turbine captures the steam and turns it into energy.


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