Border Wall Replacement Begins In California

Part of President Trump’s “Build The Wall” campaign promise has started

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Less Than 5% Of DACA “Dreamers” Have Graduated College

Many in politics, GOP and Democrats, spread a lot of falsehoods about illegal immigrants to get policy passed for open borders. Continue reading →

VIDEO: ICE Director Says Sanctuary City Politicians May Face Criminal Charges

The federal government may start charging Mayors of cities and towns who do not try to stop federal law enforcement officials who trying to enforce immigration laws. Continue reading →

Immigrants In U.S. Prisons Responsible For Over 25,000 Homicides 

2011 Government Accountability Office found a disturbing stat inside American prisons.

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Indiana Airport Helps In Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Every Friday morning, the federal government uses the Gary/Chicago International Airport to help ship illegal immigrants back to their home countries. Continue reading →

Reality Check: U.S. military will be needed to stop heroin abuse in America

Day after day when I scan the internet on stories, heroin abuse in America continually pops up. Continue reading →

Donald Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for a border wall is legit

Earlier this week GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump talked of taxing money transfers(remittances) leaving the United States that are going to Mexico.

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Why Donald Trump is Leading in the Polls

I am a big Ted Cruz supporter but I’m also a realist. Even though Cruz has for many years led a fight against big government and for the constitution, he’s still seen
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