James Comey Is The Perfect Example Of Disconnect Between Washington D.C. & America

Former FBI director James Comey just released a book attacking President Trump.

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Canada Losing Investment Money To U.S. From Tax Reform

Banks in Canada have asked their government to make tax changes

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Social Security And Medicare Budgets Will Double In Next Decade

The above entitlement programs are on an unsustainable path that the Gen X and Millennial Generations will have to address. Continue reading →

San Diego State University Now Making Students Take A President Trump Impeachment Class

Parents better get ready to research what university they send their kids to.

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Border Wall Replacement Begins In California

Part of President Trump’s “Build The Wall” campaign promise has started

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Immigration Arrests Up 30% In President Trump’s First Year

The Trump Administration first year of enforcing immigration laws saw a sharp rise of arrests. Continue reading →