Indiana Airport Helps In Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Every Friday morning, the federal government uses the Gary/Chicago International Airport to help ship illegal immigrants back to their home countries.

Here’s more from the Post Tribune:

Protesters clasped onto the fence Friday at the Gary/Chicago International Airport, shouting anti-deportation chants as two busloads thought to be full of people living in the U.S. illegally parked next to an airplane.

The detainees are bused from a detention center in Broadview, Ill. After boarding an airplane at the Gary/Chicago International Airport, they are flown to other domestic airports before being transported back to their native country.

ICE officials were the first to get out of the vehicles to unload the buses and prepare the MD-83 plane, which holds more than 100 people, for takeoff.

ICE Air Operations, the transportation division within the ICE Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations, first began using the Gary/Chicago International Airport for detainee removal flights in June 2013, according to ICE officials.



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