65% Of Border Patrol Applicants Failing Polygraph Test

Border Patrol is facing some problematic applicants as the agency ramps up hiring.

Serious felonies are being found out during the polygraph test according to TheVerge.com. Even possible infiltration by criminal gangs.

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that the failure rate for polygraph interviews at Customs is around 65 percent, a far higher percentage than other agencies.

When a polygraph interviewer determines an applicant has done something potentially disqualifying, the information is referred to an “adjudicator.” The adjudicator is vested with the power to stop the applicant from being offered a job.

According to the document, 26 referrals were made related to child pornography, and another 16 for sex with minors. Another six referrals were made for domestic violence, and another nine for felony theft, with incidents including $40,000 in embezzlement and $4,000 in hush money for a theft.

Some candidates were flagged for public corruption. Several cases were referred for investigations related to illegal drug use, many while employees at the Department of Homeland Security. One person was referred for “conspiracy to commit murder while employed by DHS.”

Another was referred for an investigation related to distributing illegal drugs to employees at a Defense Department child care facility. Several more were referred for “family ties” to drug trafficking organizations. One referral suggested a subject was romantically involved with a “high ranking” member of one of the organizations. Two cases were simply labeled as attempts to “infiltrate” Customs and Border Protection.


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