Touchdown: Purdue Football Sells $550k In First Year Alcohol Sales

2017 was the first year of stadium wide alcohol sales at football games.

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Map Showing The Salary Of Every Governor In The United States

The website put together a map showing

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GRAPH: Consumer Price Changes From 1997-2017

Economist Mark Perry has updated his famous inflation/deflation prices graph.

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CHART: Here’s How Much Your Salary Needs To Be To Afford A Home In These Cities

Plan on relocating but don’t know where yet? Here’s a chart to help you see what your salary needs to be to buy a home in these top 50 metro areas. Continue reading →

Government Deficit In President Trump’s First Year 115% Less Then President Obama’s

Economic analysis of our government debt and deficits are horrific, but under President Trump, first year growth of debt is way down compared to his predecessor. Continue reading →