Marketing Science: How Retailers Deal With Consumer Buying

Owning a business or selling a product, you can go to all the training you want, but figuring the moods and wants of the consumer can be challenging.

While reading up some inflation news I stumbled across this article on marketing science related to packaging. Read the whole article here via Harvard Business Review, but here is snippet on pizza sales that I found interesting:

Too often, product size isn’t available at all (for example, on soda cups at restaurants, is written in tiny lettering (as on most packaged products), or is hard to comprehend. Numbers don’t give customers the information they need as well as graphics or physical representations do; imagine the difference between being offered 350 milliliters of coffee and seeing the cup it will be served in. The latter is much clearer, and clarity is something customers value. Aradhna Krishna of the University of Michigan and her colleagues found that consumers are willing to pay 20% more per unit of pizza if they can see the actual pizza sizes displayed on a menu than when they are given only the numeric diameter information. 


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