51% Of Murders In The U.S. Come From Just 2% Of The Counties

New crime stats on murder are out and are very intriguing.

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Americans Will Consume 26 Million Cases of Beer On 4th of July Weekend

Our nations independence is very well celebrated and Americans toast it heavily. Continue reading →

Almost 20% of Americans Don’t Use This One Household Appliance

Home appliances make our lives easier and even do a better job than if we did it by hand. There is one experts say Americans are not taking advantage of and they should.

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Inmates In Prisons Now Using Facebook Live

People who work within the United States corrections face monumental obstacles in creating a safe work environment and keeping violent inmates in line. Continue reading →

Should the State of Illinois File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Economic Policy Journal posted a video by political pundit Dick Morris. The video is almost 4 minutes long, but gives two rational options Continue reading →