Should the State of Illinois File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Economic Policy Journal posted a video by political pundit Dick Morris. The video is almost 4 minutes long, but gives two rational options Continue reading →

The U.S. infrastructure is not crumbling

Politicians and voters claiming our infrastructure is crumbling are wrong and need to start educating themselves on how the whole system works. Continue reading →

Study: People Are Leaving High-Tax States


Washington Times and Stephen Moore put together a piece showing migration out of high tax states and migration into low tax states.

The least “regressive” tax states had average population growth from 2003 to 2013 that lagged below the national trend. The 10 most highly “regressive” tax states, including nine with no state income tax, had population growth on average 4 percent above the U.S. average. Why was that? Because states without income taxes have twice the job growth of states with high tax rates. Unlike the experts at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, most Americans think that fairness means having a job.

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Peter Schweizer Book “Extortion”


I am about to finish up the book pictured above. Peter Schweizer does a good analysis of how politicians are not just some innocent group of people corrupted by money but actually prey upon business by threatening to use their power on them unless some cash is thrown their way. Schweizer also touches on the people connected to politicians who help write legislation that then “Cash In” after a law is passed with big lobbying firms because the legislation is so complex. Their services can go for up to $1,000 an hour at some places. Here is a passage from the book, pages 129-130 describing studies covering political contributions.