Inmates In Prisons Now Using Facebook Live

People who work within the United States corrections face monumental obstacles in creating a safe work environment and keeping violent inmates in line. Our society is growing with whiners who constantly portray inmates having a hard time in prison. I’ve addressed that issue here in a post. Correction officials are still facing a major issue keeping cell phones out of prisons.

Here’s a new story from Grand Forks Herald showing prisoners are now using Facebook Live:

A video posted on the Facebook page of a Tennessee prisoner shows him wearing a mask and smoking from a makeshift bong while inside a jail cell.

In the video, posted sometime in late April, the inmate wears a mask with a hose connected to a joint.

He also posted a picture of him wearing the mask with the joint on his Facebook page and wrote, “All Gas No Breakz.”

At one point in the video, the inmate recording the bong hit turns the phone on himself saying that they’re in the pen.

Another video of inmate Kortavious Carwell was also found showing off his phone while doing a live video for 20 minutes.

On Facebook, Carwell said he is an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex.





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