Indiana Governor Pence Submits 2016 – 2017 Budget

Indiana Governor Mike Pence submitted his budget proposal to the House and Senate for approval. The two bodies will debate the bill and then vote on a final budget at a later date.

I went over to the PDF file the state put out on overall spending areas of the budget. The one big glaring issue is the amount of federal funding the state receives for whatever programs are tied with that. Many people will argue that it captures the money Hoosiers pay in federal taxes and brings it back in the state. In that case, the money shouldn’t leave peoples paychecks at and just have it working economically in the first place.

Here are some budget numbers I found in the proposal. The proposal is for fiscal years 2016/2017:

Both years will cost Hoosier’s around $62 Billion

Education will eat up about 33% of the budget with spending projected at $22.5 Billion

Welfare (Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, etc.) is projected at $28 Billion. $19 Billion of that is sent to Indiana by the Federal government. Start grasping we spend more on welfare then education.

Public Safety spending for the budget cycle is $3 Billion. I know Indiana prisons got more money but expect that to go up throughout the years. Criminals now have to serve 75% of the sentences.

The Governor’s office projected federal funds contributing to the budget for a total of $24.9 Billion.