Education: Money Doesn’t Solve All Problems

Chalkbeat Indiana did an in depth write up pertaining to school funding in Indiana. I’m posting some graphs the author laid out in showing grade scores and performance between IPS and Carmel school systems. IPS is being shown as one of the poorest (families avg $20k/yr) while Carmel is one of the wealthiest (families avg $60k/yr). What makes this fascniating is the school systems are right down the road from each other.

The graphs are self explanatory. The second one shows funding to each school with IPS getting almost $3,000 more per student then Carmel students. The author links that since Carmel residents make more money and have more access to “private tutors” their scores are higher. While that maybe one factor, what this write up does not take into account is the role of having intact families. Two thirds of IPS children live in single parent homes. Carmel has only about 10% single parent homes. An amazing stat that needs to be brought into perspective.