Indiana City Pays Off Bills and Becomes Debt Free

One city in Indiana is announcing it has no debt. Mishawaka, IN is now claiming it has paid off all its loans and is completely debt free.

Mayor Dave Wood announced today that The City of Mishawaka is debt free! For the first time in over 100 years, Mishawaka begins 2015 with no general obligation bond debt after making final bond payments in late December. The City’s latest bonds, originally issued between 2005-2007 for $12.3 million to finance various projects such as the City’s radio communication system and major park improvements were paid off several years early.

Back in 2012, Mayor Wood announced one of the major initiatives of his administration was the ambitious goal of paying off debt early to becoming debt free as a means of helping to insulate the city against unforeseen circumstances such as economic downturns, emergencies, and state funding source changes. Mayor Wood stated: “The City’s debt free status is not only rare, but it’s an obvious indicator of our ongoing, strong commitment to fiscal responsibility. This was only possible based on our ability to work together as a team. Clearly, this wouldn’t have been possible without the work of our Department Heads and the Common Council.”

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