Indianapolis Star Newspaper Circulation is Tanking

The Indianapolis Star newspaper is struggling with circulation. The numbers I found were up to date as best I could research. Newspapers overall are struggling and losing revenue. I blogged about this before here from the revenue side. I also wrote about the insanity in rationale their writers use in correlating things.

My first stop in finding circulation numbers for the Star was its owners financial report for 2013. Gannett owns the paper. Here is what they reported for the Star’s circulation:

Average 2013 Circulation – Print and Digital Replica and Non-Replica



Now compare this number with two other sources with the first one being from 2005:

My second source comes from Wikipedia in 2008.

Wikipedia had a 2008 source that listed the Star’s circulation standing at 335,303 Daily and 366,349 Sunday. The only problem with this source cited, the link is now defunct.

Even with these numbers being all over the place from 2005 and 2008, it is still safe to draw a firm conclusion from the company’s own CPA certified financial report the Star’s circulation has dwindled substantially.