Dogs are driving up homeowners insurance rates and here’s why

Americans love their dogs. The fury fuzz ball brings joy to millions of families across the country. Unfortunately, they also drive up homeowners insurance rates. Continue reading →

Another Reason of Why PETA Needs to be Euthanized

When your organization and its members reach this level of thinking and acting out, certain law enforcement and juidicial levels needs to be brought in and dismantle your cause…..Via Continue reading →

Goldfish Surgery Now $500


According to BBC News, a man from Norfolk, England recently paid £300 (about $540 Cdn) to have his sick goldfish treated a local veterinarian’s office.

Vet Faye Bethell of Toll Barn Veterinary Centre in North Walsham, England, examined the fish when it was brought it in and determined that constipation was the problem.

After consulting with the pet’s owner to be sure he wanted to shell out for the procedure, Bethell performed an hour-long surgery on the fish to remove “a lump blocking its bottom” with the help of two veterinary nurses.