Lock & Load: Mississippi May Bring Back Firing Squads For Death Row Inmates

Mississippi Department of Corrections maybe administering judgement the old fashion way. Here’s more from Nola.com:

Worried that it will be unable to get the drugs it needs to carry out an execution by lethal injection, Mississippi lawmakers are thinking about adding firing squads, electrocution, and the gas chamber as execution methods, The Associated Press is reporting.

House Bill 638 is a response to lawsuits filed by “liberal, left-wing radicals,” said House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson, a Republican, the AP says.

The bill cleared the Mississippi House 74-44 Wednesday (Feb. 8) and will now go the state Senate for more debate.

As is the case in Louisiana, lethal injection is Mississippi’s only current legal execution method. The state is being sued over the drugs it uses, citing constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment.

A nationwide shortage of sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that is part of the three-drug cocktail used in lethal injections, has thrown capital punishment in the United States into disarray, delaying executions and forcing the change of execution protocols in several states, according to the Council of State Goverments website.

Efforts to use other drugs has resulted in botched executions in which the condemned inmate did not immediately die.

The shortage of sodium thiopental is blamed on market forces and European objections to the death penalty. The only American producer of the drug, Illinois-based Hospira Inc., announced in 2011 that it would stop selling the drug, which it had planned to manufacture in an Italian plant. Italian authorities wanted a guarantee that the drug would not be used in capital punishment.


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