Indiana School Bucks Anti-Gun Hysteria, Will Arm Teachers And Personnel

The first Indiana school has announced it will arm personnel.

This delivers a big blow to the anti-gun (frankly any kind of sane safety for students) activists.

Here’s more Indiana Economic Digest:

School board members took a first step toward assuring Jay Schools will have an “on-site armed capacity” in the event of a shooting incident.
Board members gave unanimous approval Monday to allow weapons on school grounds by those who have “been authorized by the school board to carry a firearm in or on school property.”
“My goal is to make Jay Schools among the safest in the nation,” superintendent Jeremy Gulley told the board.
Under the new policy — it is subject to approval on second reading in May — school corporation employees who volunteered, were screened psychologically, underwent firearms training from local law enforcement and were approved by board action would be able to access a firearm contained in a biometric safe in the event of a school shooting.
“This would be the last line of defense between a killer and our kids,” said Gulley, who has promoted this approach rather than the notion of arming teachers in the classroom. “This board controls who is authorized to perform that function.”
It would also be part of a larger strategy involving “hardening” of schools as targets and heightened awareness and communication.


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