Indiana Law Already Allows School Districts To Arm Teachers

The State of Indiana passed legislation in 2013 allowing school districts to arm their teachers and staff with firearms.School districts can revisit the rule each year and opt out if they choose to.

Changes advanced Tuesday by the House and Ways and Means Committee would allow schools to decide each year whether to opt out of the proposed requirement. The amendment also prohibits the release of information that shows which schools decide to have armed personnel and which do not.

The Indy Star visited the Indiana law again today with a little more information:

At least one Indiana school district has done so, and another plans to consider it next month.

The North White School district, headquartered in Monon, Ind., allows for administrators to carry firearms after completing two training sessions.

“We made it an option,” said Shannon Mattix, vice president of the North White school board. “There’s not a darn thing mandatory about it.”

Mattix said it made sense for their small, rural district where law enforcement response times can be slower than those in more urban areas. The district can’t afford to hire police officers or security guards,” he said.

Superintendent Teresa Gremaux said three administrators have completed the first phase of required training — at least six hours of classroom instruction and two hours of live firing practice with a certified instructor — but none have completed the second phase, which is a course on defensive hand gun use.

West Clark schools, in Sellersburg, first considered a similar proposal two years ago, but it never went anywhere. Board President Doug Coffman said he plans to revisit the idea at the board’s next meeting, in March.



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