How Ohio State Football Shows Supply & Demand of Capitalism

College football kicks off this week and teams fan bases are eager to open the wallets and support their teams. Continue reading →

Ball State University football goes for another million dollar payday 

Last year, Ball State let Texas A&M put a whopping on them in football for a cool $1.2  Million. Now the school has announced another payday for the team.

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Super Bowl 50: Don’t Believe Cam Newton’s Version of his Arrest

Late last night I caught ESPN’s E:60 segment on Cam Newton. I’m not shocked by revisionist history going on with Cam
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Ohio State vs Michigan: Economics of Tradition

As an Ohio State fan it pained me to even type out the “M” word for this blog post. Fans of this series call it “The Game”. Continue reading →

Final TV Ratings for College Football Bowl Games

Sports Media Watch released the final TV ratings for college football. Click here to read their more complete breakdown. But here is a snapshot of the games and how many watched.