College Football Kickoff: “The Tailgate Party”

The day is here when college football fans can breathe a sigh of relief with the start of the 2016 season.

Lets take a look at the tradition of tailgating as it means big business for grillers and demographically, the sheer numbers who attend.

– survey methods vary, but one estimate showed as high as 20 million college football fans tailgating.

– In 2015, 50 million people attended college football games. 20% tailgate before each game.

–  10% of tailgaters who don’t end up going to the game, according to 2003 research by the University of South Carolina.

– Tailgaters are 14 times more likely to have a blood-alcohol content greater than .08 after games than spectators who don’t tailgate first.

– 63% of grill owners who listed burgers as their favorite food for tailgating.

H/T CNN for some of the data in this post



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