Super Bowl 50: Don’t Believe Cam Newton’s Version of his Arrest

Late last night I caught ESPN’s E:60 segment on Cam Newton. I’m not shocked by revisionist history going on with Cam

or his past since the NFL eagerly wants a “Veteran vs Youth” QB type Super Bowl. Sort of a passing of the torch scenario.

ESPN did no major rebuttal against Newton and his claim that he was innocent in his arrest while at Florida. Newton was guilty as sin in his theft of a lap top and nothing will ever change that. In today’s society we have instantaneous legal experts and they usually side with the criminal at a drop of the hat.

The Smoking Gun website has the police report and evidence gathered against Cam Newton. The entire report can be read here. Below is 2 pages of it

Here is another snippet of his arrest:

As cops were about to search his room, Newton (then a backup to Florida QB Tim Tebow) was overheard on a cell phone telling someone, “There was a computer and I took it.” After noting that he had thrown the laptop out of the window, Newton remarked, “Huh! Cuz, they ’bout to search my room.” The football star is pictured in the above mug shot.

Other records show that when Newton and his father complained about a grand theft charge being filed against the collegiate star, a prosecutor wrote Newton’s lawyer to remind him that his client had already been given “many concessions,” including the dropping of a felony burglary charge and the government’s agreement to allow Newton into a pre-trial intervention program.


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