Time For Indiana State University To Bulldoze the Eugene V. Debs House

The current state of reality in the United States is pathetic. Policy or societal movements are led by people who are in constant turmoil of being offended.

I blame bad parenting and the rise of psychosomatic drugs. Add in the “no one is never wrong”  philosophy with the “What is Truth” nuance coffee shop thinkers, the current explosion of weakness is unavoidable.

With this being said, the framework in which I have to live now must be met with reason. So as I watch the new political fad of tearing down confederate monuments in the south because of the history of slavery, then this standard must be applied to other factions of life. My Alma mater is Indiana State University. It is the home of Eugene V. Debs and the university celebrates him by keeping his home on campus erect as a socialist worship center. Socialism applied to any society has failed economically and socially. Socialism is the soft bigotry of low expectations that everyone suffers together. Case in point present tense is Venezuela. United States mainstream media will not cover what is going on in Venezuela because they vested so much cheer leading of socialism spreading down there the last twenty years. The pictures and news coming out of there are horrific and shows the real results of central planning an economy while worshiping a government.

If we are to now accept tearing down historical markers to make our lives less sinful of the past, the time has come to tear down Eugene V. Debs house as the socialism he stood for plays out in Venezuela and is killing many people.

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