Indiana State University Approves $50 Million In Hulman Center Renovations

Indiana State University has announced $50 Million in renovations to its basketball arena. Picture is provided in what it will look like once done. Continue reading →

Time For Indiana State University To Bulldoze the Eugene V. Debs House

The current state of reality in the United States is pathetic. Policy or societal movements are led by people who are in constant turmoil of being offended.

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City of Terre Haute Running Big Deficits


Back in May I posted about the City of Terre Haute being broke. It was more of a question due to the city having some troubles paying bills.
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Indiana State University Makes Millions Housing and Feeding Students

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Indiana State University is putting $16 Million in bonds up for sale this week to investors. Their plan is to remodel their student housing/dining services. When an organization puts bonds up for sale Continue reading →

Indiana State University Selling Debt

image is reporting Indiana State University is wanting to sell $20 Million in bonds so it can refund outstanding student fee bonds, and to pay costs of issuance. Fitch provided a detailed analysis and gave the university a grade of (AA-). This should make investors feel comfortable when buying the debt. Debt sale is planned for December 8th.

Here is some highlights of the article:

-As of fall 2014, the university had 11 residence halls with total occupancy for 3,660 students and a 99.5% occupancy rate, including the recently completed Reeve Hall.
-Indiana State has over $110 Million in existing bonds due to residence hall and food services upgrades
– the university’s fall enrollment headcount grew to a record high of 13,183 in fall 2014, increasing by 2,649 students (or 25.1%) over fall 2009.
– ISU’s available funds, defined by Fitch as cash and investments not permanently restricted, grew to about $157 million at the close of fiscal 2014, up 5.8% from the prior year and 39.9% from the period since fiscal 2010.