2015 NFL Free Agency: $1.5 Billion in Contracts Signed by Players

suh dolphins
NFL free agency kicked off on Tuesday March 10th. Numerous players either stayed or left their teams in pursuit of greener pastures. How much in contracts were signed this past week? Sportrac.com has a system set up tracking these numbers and here is the breakdown from studying the signings.

– Over 100 free agents signed

– Average length of contracts is 3 years

– Total amount of all contracts signed (disclosed/undisclosed) tops over $1.5 Billion

– Total amount of guaranteed money NFL teams must pay is $634 Million. The top five contracts account for $170.9 Million of that.

NFL contracts almost never get fully paid out. Each year these contracts are reworked, players cut, retirement or clauses are invoked terminating the amounts paid. Guaranteed money is paid out in full barring any contract clauses not met.